quarta-feira, 31 de agosto de 2016


      First of all, there was a time that I was thinking to come back here, but without inspirational mind and time it was impossible to write something here even about daily events. Therefore, you can mind oddly the fact that I'm writing in English for you and sorry me if I commit some mistakes (I'll try to fix it).  But, somehow, I needed to try something different and one of it would be write and sharing my thinks in another language. That will increase my self reliable by my own decisions. Hence, from the beginning until endless, I intend to look for the truly concept of rules to think about discerniment and power which gives life inside our minds. 
      Above all, below it follows a trailer from The Shallows movie that shows us a definition about we should think about. That's why it's not a simple video, but there is a message which we need to understand better before judging ourselves.

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